Are you washing your face the right way?

OK. So apparently I've been living under some rock the past 31 years. But I never knew you were suppose to 'wipe' your makeup off before you cleanse your face!


Upon hearing this tid-bit of life changing info, i googled it (because, y'all, I google ERRRRRTHANGGGGGG!) and it's in ALLLL the magazines, Cosmo, Glamour, etc...

You have to get all the makeup off first, because you don't want to go smearing it around in your pores. After wiping the makeup off, you wash your face with a cleanser to get off any leftover residue/dirt/grime.

So, here's my tip:

Go grab a glass jar (I like these on Amazon).
Go grab your coconut oil (the kind you cook with, that gets hard).
Spoon it into your glass jar.
Grab some cotton rounds.

Dab your cotton rounds into that coconut oil and massage your make-up right off your face. Coconut is PEREFCT for even the toughest waterproof mascara!!!


Use TWO cotton rounds at least. One for your eye makeup, one for your face.