Go-To Rollers & Essential Oil Blends


The rollers Young Living offers are AMAZE.ING! Craig could buy stock in Deep Relief and I could in Stress Away! That breathe again is a must in the winter AND when all that pollen starts coating everything. And who doesn't sleep better with Tranquil on their toes??

One of the most overwhelming concepts when I started with essential oils was how to dilute, what to dilute... what are carrier oils?! SO MUCH INFO. While the YL rollers are great, I quickly found that I needed to make some of my own too. It's much easier to look up proper dilution ratio's and pre-make blends we use often. It makes for super fast application on little ones, and it's easy to grab them quickly when we're on the go.

Our favorite blends are: *our roller bottles are 10ml,

Thieves // 25 drops thieves \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** we use this EVERY night. it's so important to get into the habit of a daily oil routine.

calming // 15 drops vetiver - 10 drops cedarwood - 8 drops orange - 5 drops lavender \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** we use this in the AM to keep tantrums at bay and then again before bed. I roll behind their ears and on their toes.

spring trio // 15 drops of each lavender, peppermint & lemon \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** perfect for supporting proper nasal function

immune support - 15 drops oregano- 15 drops tea tree- 12 drops lemon - 10 drops peppermint \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** this is amazing for giving your immune system that extra support.

momma needs to relax - 20 drops Lavender- 16 drops Valor- 16 drops Stress Away- 10 drop Vetiver- 16 drops Patchouli
*** this is my FAVORITE calming blend for momma's. 

You can use any carrier oil of your choice- I love using Young Living's V6 oil &/or grapeseed oil.