Ditch those Pumpkin Spice Candles

I know, I know. Don't shoot the messenger! BUT the time has come! Ditch those toxic candles (they are so bad for your lungs!!!!). These diffuser blends will make the switch SO easy!! I, too, am a recovering candle junkie! It can be done! 

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Your lungs will thank you!!!

SAVVY Minerals by Young Living

Did you hear about YL's all new makeup line?!

Yes, you heard it right, the world #1 trusted EO company now offers the worlds #1 trusted makeup line.

This makeup line is already tried and true because Young Living has acquired the two-year-old well beloved makeup company of Young Living Crown Diamond, Melissa Poepping. This has been in the works for the past year, and she is staying involved and Young Living is improving formulations to include essential oils in certain products and an expansion to the product line. 

This makeup is talc free, no parabens, no petrochemicals, no bismuth, no synthetic fragrances or synthetic dyes. 

More products are coming to be added to this core product lineup, so be excited!! Want to get your hands on some? Shoot me an email and we'll set you up as a wholesale member with a custom makeup kit!

Go-To Rollers & Essential Oil Blends


The rollers Young Living offers are AMAZE.ING! Craig could buy stock in Deep Relief and I could in Stress Away! That breathe again is a must in the winter AND when all that pollen starts coating everything. And who doesn't sleep better with Tranquil on their toes??

One of the most overwhelming concepts when I started with essential oils was how to dilute, what to dilute... what are carrier oils?! SO MUCH INFO. While the YL rollers are great, I quickly found that I needed to make some of my own too. It's much easier to look up proper dilution ratio's and pre-make blends we use often. It makes for super fast application on little ones, and it's easy to grab them quickly when we're on the go.

Our favorite blends are: *our roller bottles are 10ml,

Thieves // 25 drops thieves \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** we use this EVERY night. it's so important to get into the habit of a daily oil routine.

calming // 15 drops vetiver - 10 drops cedarwood - 8 drops orange - 5 drops lavender \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** we use this in the AM to keep tantrums at bay and then again before bed. I roll behind their ears and on their toes.

spring trio // 15 drops of each lavender, peppermint & lemon \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** perfect for supporting proper nasal function

immune support - 15 drops oregano- 15 drops tea tree- 12 drops lemon - 10 drops peppermint \\ fill to top with carrier oil
*** this is amazing for giving your immune system that extra support.

momma needs to relax - 20 drops Lavender- 16 drops Valor- 16 drops Stress Away- 10 drop Vetiver- 16 drops Patchouli
*** this is my FAVORITE calming blend for momma's. 

You can use any carrier oil of your choice- I love using Young Living's V6 oil &/or grapeseed oil.

What's lurking under your sink? The Toxin-Free Challenge.

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So what's the deal with toxins and why should we care about them? Well, to start with, did you know many countries have thousands of banned chemicals? Take the United Kingdom, for example - they've banned over a thousand different chemicals while the United States has banned just a few. These other countries have banned the chemicals because of the things they are linked to - scary sickness, worrisome side effects, and other issues that concerns anyone reading the description of what any given toxic chemical can do. This has led many people in the United States to start being proactive of guarding themselves from toxins - and the results have been astounding! Why care about toxins? Because they impact every part of our bodies, and when we allow them in without any filter or defense, we'll need a makeover sooner or later - and the longer we wait, the more severe the damage will be.

Tip: Check out the Think Dirty app or the "Consumer Products" tab on ewg.org to discover how clean - or toxic - one or two of your household items is.


So, now you know the number of chemicals considered to be toxic in countries overseas that are allowed here in the United States (hint: it's over 1000) - but maybe that hasn't quite hit home yet. Well, just take a look at this statistic: the average American household contains over 62 TOXIC chemicals. You might be surprised to know things like your body wash, hand soap, and laundry soap are often some of the biggest offenders as they soak into your body's largest organ - the skin!

Another fun fact: The average person applies 300 chemicals to their body every single day, and 80 of those chemicals are applied before breakfast!

Cleaners are one of those things we all buy because we have to and we don’t want our homes to be gross, right? Imagine my extreme surprise when I discovered an effective household cleaner that I didn’t have to worry about having around dogs or babies -- and it’s good for all the things. Toilets, kitchens, floors. Plus, with laundry soap, dish soap, mouthwash, and toothpaste for starters, the Thieves line is amazing way that has helped me be so intentional and successful in beginning to get some of the big culprits out of my home when it comes to toxic chemicals. What might be an easy one for you to switch over? Are you ready to take the Toxin-Free Challenge?? Ordering the Thieves Premium Starter Kit will be your first baby step in ridding your home of the YUCK!

HOW DO I GET STARTED???  I'm so glad you asked!!!!!

Step One: Order here: YOUNGLIVING.COM 
Step Two: Click Continue
Step Three: Click the Other Premium Starter Kits tab
Step Four: Choose the Thieves Kit

It's that easy!